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About the strategy game “War and Magic”.

About Game War and Magic
  •    War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn is a real-time, multiplayer online military strategy game. The game uses chess-based gameplay in battles and turn-based tactics. As a Lord, you control an entire city and fight other Lords. You can also fight on your own to increase your tactical wisdom.
      Equip your heroes with good troops. Think through every move on the chessboard to turn the tide in your favor. Collect resources, build buildings, research technology and train troops. To gain the throne, team up with players from different nations or with people from your own nation Show the world how strong you are!
      A powerful warlord, an outstanding strategist, a resource gatherer or merchant, or a spy who dances among different alliances to maximize your interests. It’s up to you to decide what you want to be. War and Magic is the choice of more than 10 million players from around the world. Don’t wait, start playing now!

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What is the program “BlueStacks”?

War and Magic with BlueStacks
  • A World-Class Gaming Platform.
  • Multi-Instance Function.
  • Ability to assign special game keys.
  • Presence of automatic settings.
  • Easy installation on any computer.

“BlueStacks” program is an emulator of the Android operating system. The application allows you to run mobile games on a large screen of Windows-compatible personal computers, as well as on Mac OS. The program works in both full-screen and windowed mode. Supports all Google Play games.

Download War and Magic on PC in 2 steps.

  • 1) STEP: Download and install on your computer emulator operating system Android called “BlueStacks” and transforming your computer into the mobile gaming device.
  • 2) STEP: Using Google Play, install the mobile game War and Magic on your PC in the emulator-program “BlueStacks” , as in a normal smartphone or tablet.

Running the mobile game on PC.

  • War and Magic online
  • WARNING: After installing the program “BlueStacks”, for the correct configuration of the emulator, install and run the game!
    • Install the emulator “BlueStacks” on your computer and enjoy the *War and Magic* game on the big screen!
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    • Download War and Magic on PC!